Avengers – The Bride of Ultron (TPB) (2014)

The Story – Avengers – The Bride of Ultron (TPB) (2014) 

Avengers – The Bride of Ultron (TPB) (2014) : It’s a marathon of villainy as the Avengers face one powerhouse after another! Ultron wants his wedding to herald the Avengers’ funerals, but he’s only one item on the team’s calendar of criminals to contain! There’s also Graviton and the Grim Reaper – the wrath of a god and the wrath of a godslayer! And two Avengers turn against the team – or do they? Guest-starring the Champions, the Defenders, and lots and lots of ants! Featuring heroes of the Wild West, the Golden Age and the X-books! Collects Avengers (1963) #157-166.


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